Emergent Student Readers Set 1 & 2 UPDATE

I have been busy updating and revamping my Emergent Student Readers!  
This has been something I have been meaning to do for quite awhile now.  I wasn't really pleased with the order they were listed in, because they weren't listed in the order I teach them to my own students.  So I went ahead and fixed that.  Now they are listed in order of difficulty.  Each reader builds upon the previous reader as the sight words are reviewed and new words are slowly introduced.  The sentence patterns change slightly from line to line, to ensure the students focus on the text and do not just memorize a patter that is repeated over and over again.

Set 1 now consists of 7 Emergent Student Readers.  Each reader includes a copy for the student to read in class and also a Home Reader to take home.  
Also included are sight word flash cards and pocket chart picture cards to go along with each reader.
The following sight words are reviewed in Set 1:
I, see, a, my
I, see, a, the
I, see, a, and, the
I, see, a, and, the, my
I, see, my, the, can, go, you
I, see, my, the, can, go, you, is, in
I, see, a, my, can, is, it, no

In addition to introducing sight words, this set is geared to help students develop their concept of word.  I have placed dots under each word in the first five readers to remind students where to point with their finger as they read.  I also use this set to introduce the reading strategies of looking at the pictures for a clue and also using beginning sounds to determine unknown words. Rhyming pairs can be reinforced with the 1st, 2nd,  and 4th readers in this set. 

You will find 6 different readers in Set 2, which continues to build upon Set 1.  
The following sight words are reviewed in Set 2:
I, see, my, the, can, is, no, in, on, me, like, look, it
I, see, the, can, you, is, on, me, like, little, we
I, see, the, can, you, is, in, on, look, it, at
I, the, my, is, me, look, at, this, that, am
a, is, this, that, he, she, has, have, do, or
a, my, the, you, is, on, this, that, he, she, do

In addition to introducing sight words, this set is geared to help students develop and apply additional reading strategies. I generally reinforce the following with this set:  checking the pictures for a clue, using beginning sound knowledge, thinking about all of the sounds to decode simple words, and making sure what they are reading makes sense.

If you want to learn more about how I use these Emergent Student Readers in my classroom, please click here.

Also, stay tuned because Set 3 is currently in the works!  

High-Frequency Magnetic Words and Magnetic Kidboards

I am so excited to share my thoughts with you about two of great products:  High-Frequency Magnetic Words and Magnetic Kidboards 
There are a total of 205 learning magnets that included nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, word endings, punctuation marks, etc...  The best thing is that they are color-coded!!  My daughter couldn't wait to open the packages to try them out.  So we opened them up, I sorted the magnets by color and placed the Kidboards right on the tabletop.  It was the perfect size! 

What a wonderful, hands-on and engaging way to provide instruction on sight word identification, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences, rhyming, fluency, etc...  I explained what each color meant and my little one jumped right in, building sentences.

Here are some great teachable moments that happened in just a few moments with the learning magnets:
Concept of Word:  I reminded her, "What comes in between each word?"
Capitalization:  Sometimes the word she used at the beginning of her sentence did not start with a capital letter, I would ask her, "What happens to the first letter of the sentence?" or  Which letter should be capitalized? Why?"
Punctuation:  "What comes at the end of the sentence?"
Sight Word Identification and Fluency:  I made sentences for her to read aloud to me.
Grammar:  As she built her sentence, there were times she would say, "Do we have the word ___?"  I could answer by saying, "Yes, that is a verb.  Go ahead and try to find it in the red pile."

I can't wait to use them with my students!!
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Thank you Barker Creek for contacting me to review these items!
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Good luck!

Learning Surveys for Parents and Students-FREEBIE!

The new school year is about to begin!  This means there will be new kiddos coming through our doorway.  What do you do to learn about each and every one of them as learners?  Look through their portfolios from their previous grade(s)?  Speak to their previous teacher? 

In addition to those things, I like to send home the following 
Parent/Guardian Reading and Learning Survey
This basic survey is completed by the parent/guardian of the student.  It asks about what the child likes to do, what they are good at, what may be difficult for them, etc...  It also allows the parent to share any important information that will help me support and motivate their child as a reader.

I found a great two-page student survey from 
The Teacher Organizer right on TPT called
Things That Interest Me!
I have used this with both first and second graders.

For older students, I have them complete the following 
Student Learning Survey:
This two-page survey helps me learn about their interests at school, at home, and when reading.  It also helps me learn about my students' thinking during reading, writing, and more!

What are some means that you use to help better understand and learn about your new students?

End of Year Lollipop Holders EDITABLE FREEBIE

A few years ago I shared a picture of the lollipops and holders that I created for my students to send them off for the summer, telling them, 
"Have a sweet summer!  Love, Mrs. McKown"
Just recently, "The Mailbox" shared it on their Facebook page.  Ever since I have been receiving emails, requesting a copy of the flowers.  I hadn't shared the file before because I had listed my name right on the flower, but I just recreated the file to say, 
"Have a sweet summer!  Love, Your Teacher" 
You can choose to print them out as is.  Or since I left the file as editable, you can change the text so that it includes your name or your own clever saying!

Once printed, simply cut the flowers out, stick whatever brand of lollipop you choose in the center of the flower, and hand them out to your little sweeties!

In the picture of the final product, you can see that I used the "DUM DUM" brand of lollipops.  By reading comments posted through social media, I learned that a few people found this brand to be somewhat offensive.  To be quite honest, I never even thought of them that way before I read the comments and they are just great little lollipops to me!  I have used this brand of lollipops a lot, both at home and at school, and the kiddos really enjoy them and do not think twice about the name of them.

Summer Early Literacy Calendar FREEBIE

Oh my is June!!  I just can not believe how fast these last few months have gone!

I still have a few more weeks, but soon the school year will be ending.  As I think back to the beginning of the year, I am so proud of the amazing progress my Kinderkids have made!  Now I start to worry about regression over the summer.  

My little ones truly need daily practice and reinforcement in order to maintain what they have learned.  Knowing that routines will soon be changing at home once school gets out, I want to provide my parents with some fast and fun early literacy activities they could easily slide into their daily routine.  So as I have in the past, I created a calendar for the summer months.  Each weekday, I listed a simple activity that could be done almost anywhere.  I tried to keep them somewhat quick so that parents can combine a day or two together in case they need to skip a day.
  The activities are pretty much the same as listed on the calendar I created last year.  They include reinforcement of:
~  rhyming
~  syllable segmentation
~  alphabetic knowledge
~  phoneme isolation (beginning, ending, and middle sounds)
~  sight words
~  early reading

Knowing that school districts across the country have different beginning and ending dates, I made two sets of calendars.  One for June-July of 2014 and the other for July-August of 2014.  The activities are the same for both sets.

I also wanted to add that since at the end of each school year, I send home all of the Student Readers the student has read.  There is an activity listed on the calendar that says, "Read your pack of student readers".  If you do not have these Student Readers, you could always supplement with a bunch of reading at the student's current reading level!  

As always, I would love to hear ways that you try to prevent the summer slide!!

The Best Blogs in the Universe

Want to go blog hopping with some of the best blogs in the universe?  Teaching Blog Addict has a huge collection of A+ teaching blogs that you can search through and visit!

After you check out your grade level, be sure to check out the other tabs as well, such as the M (Multi-Age), SE (Special Education), S (Specialty), etc...  
(My blog is listed under the M tab!)

Simply click on the picture below!
Happy Hopping!

Earth Day CVC Word Find FREEBIE

Here is a little FREEBIE I threw together to help practice reading CVC words just for Earth Day!
Kiddos will look at the picture to find a CVC Word.
They will then blend the sounds together to read the word and write it on a line.
They will continue this until they find all 20 words!

Happy Earth Day!

Valentine FREEBIES and Goodies!

I thought it would be helpful if I combined all of my Valentine goodies into one post!  

Some of these items are FREE!!  Those that aren't are on sale until Valentine's Day!!
Just click on each picture to be directed to my shop!



Thank you!

Valentine Product Updates and SALE!

Hi there!
I spent some time updating two of the products I use for Valentine's Day!

The first one is my 
I use this as a fun way to practice and reinforce sight words.  I have hidden 16 teeny, tiny words in a full-paged picture.  The students have fun using a magnifying glass to find the words!  I also included a recording sheet for students to write down 15 words as they find them!
This is split up into K and 1.  Each grade has two different Sight Word Finds-Love Birds and Puppy Love.
The following words are hidden:
K-1:  Love Birds:  I, my, go, a, see, can, me, and, is, it, am, in, for, the, at, no
K-2:  Puppy Love:  on, you, like, look, said, to, be, we, not, was, little, this, that, are, up, yes
1-1:  Love Birds:  like, look, said, then, when, with, me, my, from, for, she, he, here, play, all, are
1-2:  Puppy Love:  little, has, his, come, some, here, into, your, went, make, who, away, there, where, what, was  

The second one is my Monster Love Letter Identification.
I use this pack as a fun way to reinforce letters and their sounds.  This is a great addition to any Valentine's Day theme because the graphics used are adorable little monsters with hearts!

Guess what?  Both of these products are listed at half price until Valentine's Day!

The Valentine Student Reader

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!
Can you believe it?  I'm just not sure where January went!

I wanted to share the Emergent Student Reader I wrote for my Kinderkids just for Valentine's Day!
"The Valentine" is a story about finding a valentine, but who is it for?  
This Emergent Student Reader practices:
~  the sight words:  can, you, see, the, is, it, for, my, the, no
~  concept of word
~  1:1 correspondence
~  use of picture clues when reading
and more!

Have you found some fun Valentine's Day goodies out there this year??  Please share!

Oh, and if you want to learn more about the Emergent Student Readers I have created, and how I use them with my kiddos, please click on the picture below: